Respect the clients and the competitors
Observe the industry and the market
Narrow down the world
Zoom in every opportunity


Staff: To build up an inspiring environment where staff can make good use of their talents and to lead them to make progress with the company.
Suppliers: To bring the suitable and high-quality local products to the world, with sufficient knowledge of foreign markets and rich exporting experience.
Clients: To create a one-stop purchasing platform for aluminium industry and to be a spokesperson for foreign clients in China, acting as a consultant, a purchaser, an exporter, a partner and whoever the clients want us to be.


Honesty and integrity: we do what we say and do what is right.
Service: we provide more than what you expect and think a step earlier.
Cooperation: when we work together, everything is possible and possibility will be larger.
Reflection: we right what is wrong, embrace the failure and rise up from the lessons.