Three major requirements for intelligent doors and windows in future buildings
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Abstract: as a real estate practitioner, we not only need to consider the doors and windows industry today, but also need to consider the door and window industry tomorrow, and this article is to talk about the day after the door and window, the day after tomorrow will come.

As a real estate practitioner, we not only need to consider the doors and windows industry today, but also need to consider the door and window industry tomorrow, and this article is to talk about the day after the door and window, the day after tomorrow will come.

Recently, the Internet has been discussing about the need to remove the wall. Some people say that they should study abroad, open the community and dismantle the wall; but some people think that the wall can not be demolished. Whether the fence should be demolished or not? In fact, there is no final conclusion on this issue. In other words, the matter itself has no definite rules. Foreign community walls are also owned by some communities, but some communities do not. It does not mean that there are walls that are Chinese people who are self closed and have a strong sense of defense. Whether the existence of the fence is related to the government's function orientation and community planning, it is not necessary to put the fence in a place where it must be.

Many foreign communities, especially in many foreign universities, do not have walls. Wherever you go, including the car you drive, you can arrive at any time. Only when you go to the front of the building, or in a very small group area, you need to brush up the access control before you can enter. But this does not mean that if you do not have a fence, the security can be reduced. They also have security, which is still a traditional security mode.

The mainstream design of residential areas in China is surrounded by walls, which is beyond doubt. However, after the cancellation of the fence, there will be a new change in the location of doors and windows, which will create new functional requirements. Therefore, from the perspective of functional demand transformation, we will find that the development of our doors and windows industry will still be affected. Today, many intelligent devices related to doors and windows have begun to enter our field of vision.

There was no IPAD in the world, because there was a company called Apple, so there was IPAD. First have the product, then have the use. This is a product - oriented logic. As this idea goes down, we find that the traditional industry + Internet structure will impact our traditional way of life. Even if you have a wall, "Internet +" will push you out.

For our door and window industry, the abolition of the wall has a huge business opportunity. It will inevitably strengthen the safety and protection level of the group entrance guard and the door and window, and bring new demand for our intelligent control security. How to make use of the existing computer information control science and technology to connect the door and window system into the Internet to provide a more secure, environmentally friendly and efficient space for our communities and households, this is the new business opportunity.

It is a pressing matter for us to meet the needs of family intellectualized construction based on family. In terms of intelligent residential areas, the security of our homes: visual intercom, data management and so on, which are related to our doors and windows, are actually quite numerous. As a carrier, doors and windows can carry more functions. For example, installing infrared probes to our doors and windows can solve the problem of security alarm. Visual intercom is closely related to our access control. If the door can recognize and judge function, it can realize the function of automatic switch.

First, the application of the Internet to doors and windows

Many of the things we talked about in fact have already been achieved. Many things we need to do now are to connect these products to the Internet. In the past, the word "Internet of things" was used to connect products to the Internet to achieve remote intelligent control.

The development of doors and windows will be divided into several steps. The most basic one is to realize the electrification of doors and windows. Doors and windows will adopt electric window opener in the future. Electric door and window products are relatively few in residential projects at present, usually as high-end configuration of commercial projects. But the future must be the standard of the family. It will go to the homes of ordinary people. This is a very important step, and also the foundation of intelligent doors and windows.

Remote door and window open and close. The electric opening of doors and windows has been a very mature technology. There are several basic types of open and closed doors and windows open, push, pull and rotate, and many places have installed electric doors and windows. Furthermore, after realizing the electrification of doors and windows, the Internet docking is realized. From the energy saving point of view, indoor and outdoor complete isolation is the most energy-saving, when the outdoor temperature minus more than 10 degrees, or in the summer 40 degrees, household doors and outside windows are best closed, can keep the indoor temperature of 20 degrees of indoor energy consumption is the lowest. When the head of the household is coming home, he does not want his home to be like a black box. Then doors and windows, sunshade and so on need to be opened. When the climate changes, such as the outside window is in a state of opening and ventilation, but the sudden rain, and no one in the family, this time the need for remote control to realize the shutters.

Fire control. The industry is now discussing the fire protection of doors and windows. It takes a lot of money to use fireproof glass or fireproof frame for small probability events, causing a lot of waste of social capital. Does the fire protection of doors and windows be realized only by glass and window frames? Do not use a flame retardant curtain? The sun shades can hold the sun, and can it block the fire? Through a central control system such as the property, the whole area, the whole unit, or all the doors in the whole building are directly transferred. The window system responds in a timely manner in order to achieve fire prevention. Personally, it is considered to be more effective. Householders


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